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Bob Harper (The Biggest Loser) – A Vegan Fitness Guru???

Bobb Harper decided to embrace a vegan diet after his¬†doctor informed him that he had high cholesteral as noted in the blog post:¬†Bob Harper – The Biggest Loser. Bob noted the great benefits of veganism, but did not maintain this lifestyle. However, Bob noted later that his body “needed more” in A Reuter’s interview. This may be the case for Bob, but there are vegans who live very athletic lifestyles.

Here are a few examples: John Salley (Basketball Player); Robert Cheeke (Bodybuilder – Founder and President of Vegan Bodybuilding & Fitness); Venus Williams (Tennis Player); Daniel Byran (Wrestler); David Zabriskie (Cyclist); Ed Templeton (Skate Boarder) and so many more people….

So, embrace what is best for your body! I’ve had lots of energy working out flowing a vegan lifestyle. However, I do feel it if I am not eating properly or make drastic changes to my diet (like eating something that I have removed from my diet).

Vegan Inspiration: Venus & Serena Go Vegan

I thought some of you may appreciate a little inspiration to reform your diet in 2012. Here’s a story about the Williams sister ( Venus & Serena) going Vegan. Like me Venus is embracing this dietary change for health reasons. Serena is making the dietary change to support her sister (now that’s being a supportive sister). You go girls!!


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