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Wonderful recipe! Look forward to trying it….

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So, I am sitting here chillin out with my four bean veggie chili…which isn’t to say this an un-spicy chili.  I used pepper (my favorite way to spice up a dish is just keep-on shaking the shaker until the food is covered in it), red pepper flakes and the Tofurkey chorizo-they added just the right amount of heat in this big ole crock-pot of goodness.

I have wanted a chili for over a month now, but living in San Antonio hasn’t brought on the cold weather so I haven’t wanted to heat the house up…but I just couldn’t wait any longer.

Yum crock-pot chili.  I bought too much to make a small pot of something, so into the big pot it all went.  It always makes me feel piggish when I am putting these meals together, but by the time I have made it all and portioned them all out…

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As a single-mother, lawyer, student and entrepreneur with an active Christian lifestyle things can get very busy. I've been on a journey of learning to bring balance into my life. I recognize that many issues that we face today can be eliminated by changing our eating habits. As part of this learning process I've been exploring vegan and raw vegan meals. This soul food loving sistah has had some doubts about this transition. So, I figured why do this alone - we've become a generation of bloggers so I'm going to share my journey towards a vegan lifestyle with you!!!

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  1. Thank you so much for re-blogging my recipe. I appreciate this coming from a fellow vegan writer!!!

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