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My heart goes out to all impacted by Sandy! Here is an update from a fellow blogger. My blog is now being hosted by ChicagoNow. ChicagoNow is a media company of the Chicago Tribune. Catch me in the Lifestyle: Food, Drink & Dining section or at http://www.chicagonow.com/emerging-vegan- sistah

Originally posted on glutenfreehappytummy:

Hey guys! Wow, thank you so much for the thoughts and prayers after Sandy. I am truly overwhelmed with the love and concern from you guys:) Thank you. I continue to think about those devastated on Long Island who still are without power. Luckily I got power back yesterday, on Saturday.

However, I was able to fly out of the city (the morning LGA opened) and fly home to Cincinnati for the weekend. I will be returning to the city tomorrow. I did this because without power, I had to significantly change my diet, and my parents and I were scared that the drastic change (to raw foods and lots of nuts) would trigger another flare. That, and it was actually cheaper to fly home then get a hotel room for a night!

I have never seen Manhattan like this. It was seriously like something out of the movie, 2012. It…

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About Emerging VeganSistah

As a single-mother, lawyer, student and entrepreneur with an active Christian lifestyle things can get very busy. I've been on a journey of learning to bring balance into my life. I recognize that many issues that we face today can be eliminated by changing our eating habits. As part of this learning process I've been exploring vegan and raw vegan meals. This soul food loving sistah has had some doubts about this transition. So, I figured why do this alone - we've become a generation of bloggers so I'm going to share my journey towards a vegan lifestyle with you!!!

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  1. thank you so much for sharing my update on Sandy! have a great day!

    • You are welcome! I also added an extensive comment on your page, but I don’t think it went through. Many of my clients are in that area so I have been watching this issue closely. I am also trained in Disaster Relief. The team that I go volunteer went left Satruday to spend the week helping people in NJ. Unfortunately, I was unable to travel this week. My prayers are with you, you family and all those impacted by Sandy. My heart goes out to all the volunteers and I am praying for them as well. Please continue the updates.

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