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I recently started a new looked in group and I invite all of you to join. Look up “Vegan Bloggers, Authors & Speakers” on LinkedIN. It’s a great place to share information, increase your network and be the first to know (and share) new books, events & issues. Look forward to connecting with you all – the group is really growing :-)

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Emerging VeganSistah:

I love Thai food & Pad See Ew is a favorite!!! I get it at my favorite Vegan Thai Restaurant in Chicago, but it’s nice to try at home.

Originally posted on Avocados and Ales:

There’s a period of time every week where I get a craving for Thai food. However, most Thai restaurants cook with oyster sauce and fish sauce, which makes trying to order vegan complicated. I realize it’s hard on the wait staff and sometimes they don’t know if the sauces are premixed or added during cooking, so it’s easier to cook it myself. It’s also much cheaper!

I’ve found an Asian grocery store in Springfield that orders all the fresh noodles for the Thai restaurants in the area. However, if I don’t go on Friday, they’re usually already gone. I like to use these for Pad Thai and Drunken Noodles (Pad Kee Mao) as well. If you can’t find them, extra large rice noodles will work just as well.

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Emerging VeganSistah:

Wonderful recipe! Look forward to trying it….

Originally posted on Fitting Into Vegan:

So, I am sitting here chillin out with my four bean veggie chili…which isn’t to say this an un-spicy chili.  I used pepper (my favorite way to spice up a dish is just keep-on shaking the shaker until the food is covered in it), red pepper flakes and the Tofurkey chorizo-they added just the right amount of heat in this big ole crock-pot of goodness.

I have wanted a chili for over a month now, but living in San Antonio hasn’t brought on the cold weather so I haven’t wanted to heat the house up…but I just couldn’t wait any longer.

Yum crock-pot chili.  I bought too much to make a small pot of something, so into the big pot it all went.  It always makes me feel piggish when I am putting these meals together, but by the time I have made it all and portioned them all out…

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Emerging VeganSistah:

My heart goes out to all impacted by Sandy! Here is an update from a fellow blogger. My blog is now being hosted by ChicagoNow. ChicagoNow is a media company of the Chicago Tribune. Catch me in the Lifestyle: Food, Drink & Dining section or at sistah

Originally posted on glutenfreehappytummy:

Hey guys! Wow, thank you so much for the thoughts and prayers after Sandy. I am truly overwhelmed with the love and concern from you guys:) Thank you. I continue to think about those devastated on Long Island who still are without power. Luckily I got power back yesterday, on Saturday.

However, I was able to fly out of the city (the morning LGA opened) and fly home to Cincinnati for the weekend. I will be returning to the city tomorrow. I did this because without power, I had to significantly change my diet, and my parents and I were scared that the drastic change (to raw foods and lots of nuts) would trigger another flare. That, and it was actually cheaper to fly home then get a hotel room for a night!

I have never seen Manhattan like this. It was seriously like something out of the movie, 2012. It…

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